Evernote is an amazing tool that I use almost everyday from clipping interesting articles I read to take notes, writing and brainstorm. Still Evernote is far from perfect and, in my option, it lacks some very basic features that I will describe next.

Syntax Highlighting

As a developer I often found out some code snippets that I would like to archive. Unfortunately without native syntax highlight support, storing then in Evernote, makes then harder to read and understand. I use GitHub Gist for this and its probably the best tool for storing more complex snippets, but sometimes I just want to annotate a simple code block in the middle of some other text and creating a gist for this seems overkill and not very practical since you cant even embed a gist in Evernote. Syntax Highlight is a pretty basic feature for modern text editors today and it should be easy to implement by Evernote.

Markdown Support

Markdown is a widely used and popular language for writing. Sometimes you just want to write a simple note with some headings, paragraphs and links and without complex formatting. Markdown language makes this incredibly simple to do. Many people are using Markdown much more in place of traditional WYSIWYG editors. Evernote should follow the trend and allow writing notes in Markdown.

Headings support

Almost all text editors support defined headings. I just want to define Heading 1, Heading 2 etc in my notes without having to change its style one by one. Another really basic feature missing in Evernote.

Embed objects

Windows and Mac clients have a very nice PDF visualizing tool. You can navigate through pages of a PDF easily without leaving the note itself. This is really nice. I would like to see similar functionality for other things like Youtube Videos, Slideshares, GitHub Gists, etc. All this apps allows you to have an embed code that can be used to embed their content in websites, for example. It could work the same way inside an Evernote note. It would be awesome to play an Youtube Video or navigate through a Slideshare without Leaving the note.

Linux Client

I am a Developer that works everyday with Linux based OSes. Unfortunately I have to live with Web client which has many missing functionality compared to the native Windows, Mac and Mobile clients. Like me I think there are many developers out there that work in Linux and use Evernote. In my company, we are like 20 developers and I know almost half of them use Evernote in work. Some love for then would be nice.

Improve web client

Web client suffered a very big change some time ago. Despite I kinda like the new design, in terms of functionality its years behind the native desktop and mobile clients. You cant create Linked Notes or Table of Contents, you cant select multiple notes (for example to move to a new notebook or to add tags, PDF preview and navigation is not supported, and in general seems much better to work with the Desktop client. I could live without a native Linux client, but the web client have to provide the same functionality as the desktop clients. I think Evernote team lost a great opportunity of making a top web client. I am using it since the beta and there were almost no improvements until the final version. It still seems like an unfinished product. Hope some day it will have the same features as desktop clients.

The future

Evernote Team, is working on rebuilding their Desktop and Mobile clients. link. They say they will focus on the note editing experience. Hope they can finally include some of the points discussed in this post, most of them already requested many times in the Community Forums but completely ignored by the Evernote Team. But again, no improvements in the Web client or a Linux client in perspective.

Evernote is a great product. no doubt about that. But could be even better. And most of points taken in this post are pretty basic functionality. It shouldn't be hard to implement and would make Evernote an almost perfect product. I think Evernote team should start listen more to their users.

What do you think? Do you have any feature you would like to see in Evernote? Add a comment bellow.

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