About Me


My name is Bruno and I am a Web Engineer specialized in PHP and Symfony. Besides PHP, I have been working with Golang for the past year, and also have some working experience with Java as well as some interest in NodeJS.

Despite my experience or preferences, I always try to keep up to date with other programming languages and frameworks so that I can keep improving my knowledge and skills. I believe in always choosing the best technology for the the job, even if we need to get out of our comfort zone.

I have a strong focus on software quality, clean code and engineering best practices like TDD and Continuous Delivery.

I am eager to learn new things. Passionate about tech and programming in general, I have a big interest in everything related to Engineering practices, Agile, CI / CD, DevOps and Automation.

On my spare time, I have been looking more into Golang, CI / CD, Kubernetes and JAMstack and also working on some Linux tools to improve my development workflow. I have also started writing some things on dev.to platform.

I believe in tech and programming as a way to improve People lives, so they can be more productive and have a more enjoyable life. Life is too short, so do something that matters!